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Artistic approach

My artistic approach is organized in two distinct parts, the first being the project« Heart of the World », an ambitious project aiming to install sculptures representing an organic form of a heart in different places throughout the world. Fourteen sculptures of different sizes have already been installed in China, France, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada.

The second part of my artistic work is driven by the necessity of the pictorial act. I create drawings and painting inspired by my fascination for the representation of animals as a link between humans and Earth.
From this trilogy, animal, man and nature, I articulate, mix, compose, divert and play with different elements. Drawing gives me a creative freedom, I sometimes cut out the white background of the paper to keep only the drawn part to create a shadow and a movement.
Today, I share my life between two places, France and Canada; the arid landscape of Southern France, and the luxuriance of BC forest with its monumentality of trees. Different places, different cultures lead me to modify my pictorial habits.
The canvas, a new support. In Canada I have undertaken to draw on canvas while keeping a white background, as a reference point to the arid landscapes of Southern France. I also add paint, and by contrast, I saturate the background as to represent the lush nature of British Columbia. I constantly move back and forth between techniques. Being here and there, being between two places, movement, migration and precariousness.
The representation of animals is the central subject in my drawings and paintings.
They are windows filled with humor and poetry, referring to our quests and questions, depicting animals as being our hidden self.

drawing, paper cut, watercolor pencil 150 x 120 cm 

Drawings on canvas  122 x 91 cm  


 Red marble, private collection 200x200x120 cm